11 January 2010

Art is a funny thing

My homemade art collection, most from me, some from my sons, would not achieve gallery status, admittedly, but since this is my blog, I can punish you with some of it. Yes, here we have a bunch of old kitchen utensils, hanging, rather teasingly i might add,  in a shop window. 

My photos usually tell good stories, so stay with me...even though i often have to explain them myself. The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" doesn't apply to my, well,  pieces. Usually when people look at them they have no words. nothing. speakers block. they are usually very nice about it though.
if staying quiet and slowly walking backwards is nice.

The above and below pics are shop windows in Hamilton. Have you ever been downtown Hamilton, the whole bit of it? It is a fascinating and lovely place. there are shops that sell stuff with their original 1966 price tag intact. there are shops that sell things that only freaky-brian would buy. there are shops that sell vintage clothing without the pricey pricetag. there are also shops that would not be caught dead in downtown Oakville, or actually, the shop owner would be FOUND dead in downtown Oakville.


Oakvillians, especially the Lakeshore residents,  tote guns for certain, special events, such as a gaggle of Canadian Geese gathering on their (lake) front lawn. There is also the event of a shop owner turning up the notch of excitement and turning down their nose to the bland hohum luxury of downtown Oakville.

i particularly love the name of this one. i can just imagine what the downtown Oakville Business Association would say to the applicant:  "um, well, we see you can afford the rent (i guess where you come from anything with joint on it achieves a certain status?), and Oakville does love its dollar stores, but, people just don't want to be seen going to one, well, downtown, especially one with such a , er, colourful name. Now if you had a name printed on a parisian window canopy thing like, "Dollar Trendz" or "Designer Dollaire" or "Made in China 4 YOURs Truly" , that might help your application along...though you would have to instruct your staff not to chew gum and wear those gawdawful walmart outfits..."

i digress. the title of this piece refers to art as a funny thing.  and it can be funny...but what i mean is funny in a curious way. Art, even my mundane photos, can arouse some thought.
Art can provoke and make one uncomfortable - this is good - its not just about pretty and perfect, all framed and contained, though that has its use too...

i guess the art you like, the stuff on your walls, and the stuff you choose not to have up,  the stuff you admire or not, always tells more than you'd want it to. or more than you'd believe ever possible. one day i will give you the (sad) tour of my house. that should explain plenty.

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