10 May 2010

Mother's Day Reality

Well, did it turn out the way I fantasized it? It did, with some twists, human ones...

Fresh sheets - check.

Hear the sounds of breakfast making of sons and husband - check.

Leisurely time getting dressed  - not really, I had to speed things up because my middle son and husband had to go to their last day of Soccer Referee 9 am...(I forgot)

...from an array of outfits - check, though I could not find that rainbow pantsuit Barbie had suggested...

eat crepes and fresh fruit and coffee - check - a little training and experience and my husband can do almost anything in the kitchen  - the crepes were delish! Another thing I can't claim as my own specialty anymore...

Flowers that are not roses, glads...check ish...need to do some explaining about colour - I am so picky that I fear repercussions later on - perhaps colour blind purgatory, or nasty colour combinations purgatory -

Delish gebakjes at mother-in-laws? check! with wine to mother-in-law should have been sitting down more I think - I found she and my sister-in-law washing and cutting up fruit and sausage - while capable sons were sitting down...(a little crazy making)this is something any son or husband could do but she said it would take too much explaining, my sister-in-law agreed ... HUH?  cut up fruit and sausage in chunks and put on plate....
 (I have a theory about this that I'll address in another post)
buy one book, just one?  - I didn't even make it to the bookstore - decided that I was spoiled enough, and as I have been cleaning up cupboards and shelves in the past weeks, I have a shelf full of books I have to, want to read, but haven't...

Admire homemade cards...check! I  love these things - my 14 year old made one (in pencil)  - because he knows I love handmade the best - he made me a newspaper birds nest with eggs last year - I still have it on a shelf ( I shellacked it) My youngest made me a card which had a ticket to mother's day inside :) and a black and green necklace which I wore all day (he said he picked lots of black because I seem to wear that colour a lot... :) , my oldest, in highschool, made me a metal flower in industrial arts - welded it together - it is lovely - such a treat recieving such love - my favorite part of the day.

Make Rhubarb pie with mom - check! it was, I tell you, the best very best Rhubarb pie I have ever tasted. My mother is a master pie baker  - has all the "recipes" in her head and hands ( ratios of things in her head, the knowledge of when it feels right in her hands) 
I will write a post on Rhubarb pie and with the recipe after this one. We gave half to my friend Maggie as we got most of the Rhubarb from her garden - our veg garden is in disarray from last year's pool excavation, but a faithful few rhubarb spears shot up despite the conditions...

Tokyo Bay - check! lovely tea service, well paced dinner - panko crusted deep fried bananas for dessert with vanilla icecream - yum. My mother had a nice time as well - she loves her grandsons - as she has a soft spot for males - Went home for Rhubarb pie and coffee - two desserts on Mother's day - :)

Strawberry Martinis - check check check...

Monday morning: drop off Middle son at 7 :30 am for soccer practice, go to Bakery for buns, back home assist with lunches and breakfast, drop off youngest at school on way to grocery store, back form store pack away all things, re-pack meat for freezer, answer emails, go to brief meeting, come back and blog...not that bad really..but I admit, I await my birthday...


  1. Not bad you got pretty much everything done... Monday is always a shocker after mothers day!

  2. soooo truuuue!
    but I am sitting with tea now, so life isn't so bad:)

  3. The main thing is you got those strawberry margaritas! Well, I guess it's not the MAIN thing - the handmade stuff and the Tokyo garden sounded nice too :-)

  4. You did pretty well Marci - pretty well. Oh how I wish someone would make me rhubarb pie - maybe I will write about it too!!