07 May 2010

Mother's Day Fantasy

 Wake up.
Close my eyes.
Smell my fresh sheets.
Smell bacon. donuts. croissant. fritatta.

Hear coffee beans being ground.
Get a little giddy.
Open my eyes.
Look at the sun shine through the leaves of the Oak tree.
Get up as espresso is steaming on stove

Take shower, leisurely like.
Hear whipping cream being beaten for crepes.

Get dressed, leisurely like. From an array of outfits.

Listen to boys chop strawberries and wash blueberries.
and say please and thankyou

Put in some earrings.
Hear crepes being flipped

Sit down in the sun in the living room.
Have coffee served by one of my boys - grey haired or fair.
Get kissed Happy Mother's day x4

Sip while reading the paper.

See my sons setting table for breakfast.
with no fighting

Be asked to sit at table.
Admire lovely hand made cards and flowers that are not carnations/roses/gladiolas/big tropicals

Be served some bubbly and orange juice.
Eat lovely crepes, observe son's delight in eating and having made what we're eating
Have a second coffee with grey haired boy in living room while fair haired are doing dishes

 Sit in sun in living room until it fades at noon
or more realistically
go to mother-in-law's for dutch gebakje's and coffee
eat too many pink or mocha iced gebakjes

not terribly difficult

grey and fair haired boys bring a little something for Nana without my organizing it

get dropped off at a bookstore
pick out one book

 just one

walk home and pick up Rhubarb from Maggie's garden
Eat light lunch (cheese, fruit) with wine in the sun out in the garden
while watching boys wrestle with Ruby and eachother
pick rhubarb from my garden

wash all rhubarb and chop into small chunks, add sugar and stir
await  my parent's arrival and the arrival of Rhubarb pie ingredients
give mom a little something
put together pie with mom and put in oven
drink tea
Take pie out of oven
Make Strawberry Martinis for mom and me

walk over with everyone to Tokyo Bay Japanese restaurant
drink tea in a curtained booth
eat yummy food together
walk home after dinner, listen to birds
smell the lilacs

have coffee and rhubarb pie together for dessert
have son(s) drop off  some pie over at Maggie's

 say goodbye to parents
sit and have another strawberry martini...

 while youngest goes to bed
watch movie with another strawberry martini

while two oldest go to bed
Fall asleep on couch with empty martini glass
Go to bed and read new book

sleep with the window open

hope my grey haired lover, father of my children reads this

though he might be busy


  1. What a perfect day you shall have!
    With hubby and rest of the pack
    Love,hugs and martinis you'll get
    What a smile you will have!

    Had to try it.
    Happy mothers day to u

  2. that was very beautiful...and funny...

    A big hug to you on mother's day!

  3. The doll's clothes made me laugh out loud!

  4. How delightful! :-) Have a splendid day!

  5. Happy mother's day to those who are mothers, and happy day to those of you who have mothers to celebrate - and to those who do not celebrate this day in their hemisphere, part of the world - do appreciate yourself/your mother because whoever rocks the cradle makes the world go round !!

  6. Marcella, sounds like a wonderful mothers day! But...just one book? Have a happy day, however it turns out. xo

  7. That sounds heavenly Marcella!!! Let us know how the reality stands up next to this fantasy please! Be interested to know!

  8. I'm printing this and putting it on the bathroom mirror for my hubby - hope he gets the hint. Love your choice of outfits! Happy Mother's day!

  9. Happy M's day to you too Kristin, Sharni and Lori...I will let the reality out of the bag tomorrow...(I am currently drinking a strawberry martini and need to enjoy it...)

  10. hmmm, Kristin, right - one book...I have a hard time in bookstores, like a candy store, I need limits, and as I have about 25 unread books on my shelves that I really need to read, want to read...I shouldn't really pick even one...

    Lori - let me know how things go for you, and yes, I have the luck of having Barbie as my wardrobe consultant...

  11. I want to spend Mother's day with you next year.. sounds perfect.

  12. Well, how about next time you're in Beamsville, we can do a few wineries, I can show you some interesting and odd shops as well, and we can have a little day of bliss - maybe Glenda can come too!