21 February 2010

Kerplunk: It's a revolution

"Everything begins with the self. A change in one's outlook or intention triggers a change in the self and radiates outward to effect society-wide revolutions. " --Buddhism Day by Day,  Daisaku Ikeda.

So I recieve these lovely awards (look to the right), and what - I think it's a society-wide revolution?

 Well, perhaps. Blogging awards can be that intitial kerplunk - like a drop of water or a stone kerplunking lightly in smooth water, creating a ripple that silently radiates outward in an increasingly larger circle... More on that and revolutions in a second...

has awarded me the Writer of Light award. How lovely! I am so honoured that Sai, the master of ZEN and light in his writing  -  saw some wee rays of light over here.  Sai explains that the flame, as found in the traditional Diya lamp you see lit in the photo, has a quality of stillness, a glow that connects us to our finer emotions  - this is a choice writers can make, as the flame also has potential to rage and destroy. Very well said Sai. As my words have been known to destroy small villages... this is a most poignant reminder to me.

Beth from Hope's Breath
has awarded me the Orange Net Award - click on her blog and read her awards post - the personal story she dervied this award from is hilarious! I am honoured to be caught up in Beth's net  - which she describes as:

"for those who dare to release the wonder of their child and jump into the ocean of stand before us unmasked, as you are, soaked in your own experiences, orange net in hand to set us free". 

Another tall order - to be unmasked is a difficult thing in writing - and I don't think it means full disclosure of all the sordid details of one's life - that is a cover-up all its own. I do think, and I am sure Beth agrees, that it is the unmasking of our inner being, which can be sensed in the words and shared bits of our experiences - with just enough of our little sordid bits to hang true. This is an art of which I am aiming towards - that and being able to wield an orange net as skillfully as Beth. She saved that crab ! - and all without supportive underthings...

Back to Kerplunk.  These awards kerplunked within me and caused a little revolution. A re volution -  for me a turning towards more unmasked, Diya-lit writing. This, i think, creates the opening for my inner being to show itself - which is your inner being, our inner being - we are all interconnected. So when you read something that resonnates - you are recognizing yourself, ourself - "we selves".. in it - this is where the potential for change or a re volution occurs - when we can see ourselves in others struggles and their transforming moments. We live in a living breathing web of beings -  how and what we do, say, write - resonates within us all.

The way we write, the way we live, sends out ripples into the blogosphere, into ours and others lives, ripples that continue on and on and on...maybe causing tiny revolutions in others, who then create their own ripples...and on and on it goes...

This is how little re volutions begin.


  1. It was almost freaky to see the picture of the water here... we used a great little quote about ripples in our sharing circle Thursday. I'll try to remember to send it to you this week.

  2. "The way we write, the way we live, sends out ripples..."

    Really good....thanks!

  3. These are some great thoughts to ponder!

    Whoever knew blogging would be this important?

  4. mmichele - looking forward to your quote (hows the french cooking class?)
    Marla - nice to see you here:)
    Jason as himself - glad you dropped by, in person - hmm, yah - i guess blogging is the most global and democratic form of writing there is...didn't think of that until you - by the way you look far more buff than the teenaged Jason...:)

  5. I just loved this. The idea... that we are all a living breathing web is mind boggling, and something to ponder. The ripple effect should make us all think about the effect of our ripples - is it positive or negative? It should make us think twice about our words. Congratulations on the awards :-)

  6. I was thinking about that (you know how your posts live in your head awhile and you think about what people say about them which makes you think further...?) and i guess a positive ripple could be taken as negative - cause some storms...though good can come of storms, if you allow the chaos...

  7. Ok, now you've done it (in a very good way) I now have 'yes reflex/reflux' and 'we selves' stuck in my head--- good thing. "We live in a living breathing web of beings - how and what we do, say, write - resonates within us all." That, my dear, creates a huge power surge of responsibility and awe. Wow. Thanks!

  8. you did time in Harvard, didn't you