07 January 2010

We're not used to fighting for democracy, me thinks

i have a fantasy.
i am the Governor General. stephen harper has just called on the phone and demanded that i suspend/prorogue parliament for the second time.

i tell him not so fast.  buddy

i imagine his eyebrows lift a little.  Did she just call me buddy

yes I did, now stop talking to yourself, its what's got you in this mess in the first place -you hate other's input

I demand that you shut down parliament.

come over and ask me.


would you please knock before you come into the royal residence? a little courtesy aint hurt no one.

Your mastery of english sucks alot.

yours sucks worser, me thinks.

You and that Canada of yours don't understand that prorogation is constitutional and perfectly legal.

so was slavery.

Oh you and your leftwingdemocracylovinhistoryswillincommihuggin....

just because its constitutionally legal doesn't mean its constitutional in spirit...just because its permissable doesn't mean its benificial...your apostle paul said that, and he wasn't a commi

Surely the Luge and the Bobsled are more interesting to Canadians than government denial of Afghani torture and carbon emissions responsibilities and the shut-down of democracy...

you have a point.

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