04 January 2010

She'll be arriving around a corner near you

 It's January. This means that in my mind's eye the calendar flips up and I am at the top of a long line of 12 months spiralling down to December. I can't see Jan 2011. So, what do I see shortly down the line after those piles of snow? I see spring. And if you had the hiking biking friends I have, you'd crane your neck past your love of snow and see spring too. Maybe some of you have my friends or people just like them.

There is nothing lovelier on a Spring Sunday morning than going for a hike in the wild, wily woods of the Carolinian Forest in Southern Ontario - with wild friends, and the makings for tea and scones. We made the tea with my handy dandy mini hiking stove. I am not smug about that at all.

I think we were able to burn some grass that gave a pleasant, meeting-of-the-minds-by-the-river type experience.The Scones went down well, though we have been known to stop for a 3 eggs and bacon breakfast on our way back. One is ravenous after such a morning.

Thats Andrea to the left, Jaye in the middle and Kendra the hankerchiefed on the right (see pic above)

Here a few pics of our findings:

Trillum (white) and wild columbine (red)

A "grow where you're planted" finding

Shrooms. should take a guidebook next time to see what we could do with them...

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