04 January 2010

Leaving Almyra

I lived with my friend Almyra and a few others in Toronto for a summer or two in the late eighties (we were Camp Counsellors at Scott Mission's summer kids camp) as well as in the "Mount Hope house" with Bettie, Val and for a while, Andrea. Mount Hope was the absolute opposite to Toronto - the only exiting thing going on in Mount Hope was happening in our house, and maybe the Hamilton airport in our backyard.

Almyra's mother used to have a little Christian Bookstore in their basement in Beamsville, and I remember feeling like I was in heaven down there amongst the books (ha). Some of you may remember those Paidea press books - soft cover - had parables and other stories with really '60s/'70's esque graphics?

Anyways, Almyra comes to visit family and friends in Canada every year or two from her perch in Luxembourg. This summer we were lucky to have her. She rented a cottage by Long Point on Lake Erie for a week with some of her family at the end of August.

I took this shot as I was leaving (long point, and her) to go back home.

We never end up with enough time together, but we take what we can get. She is a photographer. Frequent memories of her include a camera dangling from her neck. I wonder what she thinks of this one.
She has an eye, as they say.


  1. She loves the photo! That you took it! That you captured the topical aura of the lake erie sky! And that you put it here; for her!

  2. glad you liked it Almyra - yes, that photo was perfect -matched the mood at the time.
    Do you at least remember those Paidea press books ?(softcover...)