08 February 2010

Ezra's Ears aren't plastic! They're for real. Honest.

Ezra loves his new plastic-surgeried-up ears. Wish I had a before pic but that would be a little cruel as Ezra is fond of saying. He had no folds in his ears to give them shape or the ability to fall neatly to the side of his a result - perp ears ! (perpendicular to the head ears :) Some kids, including us kids, find the term PLASTIC surgery a bit misleading...I mean Ezra's ears certainly have a plastic perfect look about plastic was used in the creation of your new ears Ezra - I promise said Nancy the plastic surgeon ( I guess we should trust her?).  Some medical someone or other I read about said that plastic means flexible - able to very flexible of you Ezra.

The plastic surgeon - Nancy - who Robert-knew-from-Highschool-Nancy, did a fantastic job creating folds and now look at them! He is a happy boykie. When the nurse and Nancy took off his bandage - the one he had to wear for a week afterwards, and we finally saw them, I said wow Ezra, they're beautiful ! Ezra started to laugh, then uncontrollably laugh, then started to laugh/cry...with tears streaming down his face - "I'm freeeee" he said, it feels so gooood he said, they feel so naked...he said. We all began to pass the box of kleenex. After a careful bath and blowdryat home, we checked them out in the mirror, and despite some leftover iodine and the stitches, oh, and the raised scars, Ezra thought they looked like "real ears!".

Now just 5 more weeks of constant toque wearing - to sustain that cartilege memory, and he is wear hats a lot maybe - like a retainer after dental work..? He doesn't want to have to go through this all over again. Though, Ezra said, its not so bad as kids in Haiti, they have to live with their ears no matter what.


  1. Nice ears! And your team won, too!

  2. hmmm, I guess you are in a hockey household? Joey and Rob I am guessing?