03 January 2010

Finding one's place

This is Ruby, our boxer. She manages to find the most comfortable positions in the house at various times of the day. This photo was taken late morning, as the sun is at its most intense in the livingroom. As you can see she has sacrificed some sun for the ability to lay her head on a pillow - she is usually found, however, by the fireplace, roasting her belly until she is panting. The only person that manages to nap even half the time she naps is Robert, who is currently napping after a long snowy skate with our youngest, Ez. We have a rink fashioned from frozen water sprayed on the tennis courts (and some wood framing) in the park across the street. Free fun. Close fun. Neighborly fun. If we ever considered a move somewhere else, that rink and that park and my neighborhood would cause serious pause. And Ruby would have to find new spots.

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