31 January 2010


 Um, wow. Look what i got! Ain't it Purty! I am becoming a shameless blogger who now, shamelessly, accepts blogger awards...Tony Anders, who became my 7th follower, (funny term, that) has awarded me, along with 9 others, a Best Blog Award!
I should really get writing...there are a lot of stories that I have kept in lay-away - but life is sooo busy!
It helps when writing and blogging are my all you bloggers know - you have an assignment, a presentation, a deadline, but inbetween working, you check your blog, you write something, you check all the blog updates, you get engaged in a few good stories - wow! 2 hours went by...

I am sooo touched! How very nice - Thanks Tony!

You will see Tony's blog, Artisan of the Soul in my blog list down under to the right - give it a hit and you will be hit with his lovely spirit - it has a residual effect for the rest of the day so hit in the morning with your coffee.
 Don't know why Tony awarded my blog an award because my residual effect is not necessarily lovely all the time, i feel all cracked and piecemeal, with wee bits of hard earned insight - insight I have learned from other's paths - insight that I had to make my own to truly learn it.

Well, just when i needed some blogged encouragment i got it  - cyber, yes, and intangible in a way, and from a virtual stranger who I know only by his words, and the spirit that emanates from them. 
But very tangible to me.

Thanks Tony.

So now I think it fitting to pass along the encouragement to the very blog that got me blogging in the first place, the very friend that helped me enjoy chips out of a bowl, and smarties by the boxful.

mmichele, and her blog Laundromat.

You will see her blog listed to the right ,way down under, scroll, scroll...
click and you will find her positive musings - mmichele is currently living her all in Winterpeg, Canada (Winnipeg). Where anything above 0 celcius is considered spring thaw.
She bikes to work in -40 c. (!!!) (which deserves a best commute to work award)  She works with a variety of lovely but often unlucky types in the in downtown W.
Though they are now in luck. 
They have her. 
She has a knack for seeing the good in the unlikeliest packages. like x-ray vision, She also has the knack for seeing right through everyday situations.
So, to mmichele, i award you the BEST BLOG AWARD !
whoo, hoo! Keep on blogging! (as opposed to trucking)


  1. hey Michele - just cut and save and paste the award - i might have picked another - but where would I find a Cyber award store open at that time of night?

  2. oh my!

    thanks! and i better come up with a new post! i've been lazy this weekend.

  3. Congratulations Marcime, on the well-deserved award :-) Loved your post about it! I'm enjoying reading your blog.

  4. Thanks Sai - i liked your "kitty post" - was that an actual photo of the cat?

  5. Marcella-You deserve this award and WOW! you've done so much with your looks great! Keep writing...that is key and keep sharing..that is the other key! I'm so glad we met virtually. Maybe we'll have to have a Writers Rising conference at some point and all meet face to face...that would be a worldwide event since many are from other countries. Keep on Truckin'...ummm I mean bloggin'

  6. Though Writer's Rising is indeed a virtual community - I feel everyone's live energy, a presence - we are all connected - and I sense that somehow, because we are...
    a conference would be lovely - maybe i can drop by when I visit my sister this June - she lives in Bellingham WA. - all my siblings live in BC and my parents are to follow them shortly. :)

  7. Thank you Marcella! Nope that wasn't the actual cat I met, but she looked very much like that. :-)