04 January 2010

Communist Mo'town


Linda and I, on our semi-annual girls night in Detroit trip, between venues, heard (machine) gunfire.
We were sitting on a bench in the centre square, drinking some fine french roast after a dinner in "Greek Town " (rather American-remade Greek nostalgia-town). We looked to the locals, who happened to be skating on a rink in the square - they looked inquisitive, for about 20 seconds, then proceeded to skate again. We sipped on, taking our cue from the relaxed skaters, though we did wonder if they were hardened Detroit folk, or if they indeed were as naive as we were...another round of gunfire.

This time some skaters hopped the fence and walked towards the area of the sound...other folk on the sidewalk were doing the we slunk over, not wanting to be an obvious target...and we discovered a movie set. Set guys told us it was a remake of Red Dawn.


If you know Linda at all, you will understand why she made me take a photo of her holding up an entire tank on her left palm.

Linda seems rather cheerful about communism in America, or is it just that she is the centre of the photo?

This is a photo of the River from our hotel room. The Rennaisance in the GM centre (?) - tres mo'town

This is the pic for 2007, before we entered our 40's, so we look awfully young. We seem to be holding on to eachother for support, probably because we knew we were lucky to be alive (story will remain untold)

This is Cliff Bell's on Park Ave. A lovely live Jazz/Swing Bar that we end off our evenings with. The music and food are fantastic, so is the ladies powder room - all Zebra striped carpet and wood.

In 2007, we stumbled upon Cliff Bell's after leaving Collossus, a neat little bar a few blocks over (we were escaping the advances of a racist Mississipi doctor who paid our tab). We went to Collosus before Cliff Bell's again this year, but no tab paying man available. We did have our dear little grey-pony-tailed bartender make us up a custom drink - lime, mint, melon...still can't figure out the ingredients completely, and it was really really good.
Note to Linda: the Marlin recipe:  i forgot to include lime...we'll have to go back next year and get the actual recipe. (do you call them recipes?)

If anyone has a conference in Detroit, or Sarnia (ha) Nov '10, do join us...


  1. no conference but i am sorely tempted.

  2. You document events so well. Makes me look forward to November which is unusual.

    Did it take you this long to figure out how to get the photos off the phone?(thanks Caleb!)

  3. Love your profile pic linda, you always manage to be so mysterious...

    Yes, needed a chip reader care insert thingy that came with the phone.

    Sounds like mmichele will fly in this Nov...