15 February 2009

in the beginning...

Here is my brand new baby blog.
Some might scoff and call it an act of narcissm. I would agree, totally. I am a product of my culture, and western culture thinks the world revolves around the individual. This has been happening since the European renaissance. What am i to do? It is a great gift to think individually, personally, or at least to percieve it that way - a move away from collective uniform thinking. and yet. it is also illusory - we all have a Zeitgeist-feed into our shapes us, almost uniformly...almost. What I explore here is not just belly button gazing stuff, but I'd say the collective, running through my belly.

1 comment:

  1. Welcome to blogging! I love the name. And maybe it's a bit of narcissism, but it's also a very nice way to keep track of life's lovely moments.